What is a dental veneers?

Popular with the 2000s, the dental veneers has the advantage of modifying the shape, shade and alignment of your teeth.

This thin film is applied to the visible part of the tooth and does not completely cover it. It is therefore only applied for the front teeth because they are the only teeth visible when you smile.

The advantages of a veneers:

  • improves the aesthetics of your tooth by keeping it alive and healthy.
  • avoids tooth whitening, which is not sustainable over time
  • avoid the installation of a crown that will completely cover your tooth, if this is not necessary.
  • real alternative to orthodontic treatment.

Veneers is not recommended in the following cases:

  • If you have had root canal treatment on your teeth (“devitalization”).
  • Very bad alignment of the teeth.
  • a tooth that is too fine or too damaged.
  • an insufficient quantity of enamel.
  • deplorable oral hygiene.
  • une hygiène bucco-dentaire déplorable.

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