• Where is your clinic located?

    Our clinic is located in Istanbul, Turkey, which allows us to offer you much cheaper care than in your countr

  • How to get a quote ?

    To get a quote, we recommend that you contact us via Whatsapp au +33 7 53 16 93 27. If you do not have this email, you can use the contact form on our website or send us an email at contact@esthetichairsmile.com
    An operator will quickly take over your request.

  • What is included in the quote ?

    In our quotes are included:
    – Transfers (Airport / Hotel / Clinic / Airport) with a private driver.
    – Stay at the hotel with continental breakfast.
    – Care.
    – The medicines necessary for your care.
    Air tickets remain at your expense.

  • I do not know Turkey and do not speak the language...

    We are aware that it is not easy to travel without speaking the local language. For this reason, a perfectly bilingual medical coordinator accompanies you during your consultations so that you follow the care provided step by step. Check the testimonials of other patients on our social networks and see how their stays went.

  • Why don't you offer rhinoplasty, breast implants or liposuction?

    Nous sommes chef de file des implants dentaires et la greffe capillaire sur Istanbul. Nous ferons nous concentrer sur notre savoir-faire et les chirurgies s que nous maigrirons.
    Enfin, sachez qu’il est risqué de voyager après avoir subi une rhinoplastie ou une liposuccion: la pression atmosphérique en avion peut développer des caillots de sang voire provoquer une embolie.
    Chez EstheticHairSmile, nous voulons avant tout des patients contents et satisfaits de leurs soins, voilà pourquoi nous ne proposons pas d’autres chirurgies.

  • What is a bridge?

  • What is a dental implant?

    A dental implant is an artificial titanium root that we will place in your gum to allow it to subsequently receive a crown. It will be necessary to plan 2 stays on Istanbul if you want to put implants because it usually takes 3 months for the healing to be done correctly. Once the implant is firmly anchored in the gum, you can return to our clinic to put a crown on top.

  • What is an impacted wisdom tooth?

  • What is a crown?

    The dental crown is a kind of hat that covers a tooth to repair the visible part of it. This crown, which then covers the damaged tooth, restores its natural shape, size and function. It makes it possible to change not only the shade, but also the shape and position of the tooth.


  • What is a facet?

    A dental facet is a shell that covers the front of the tooth. The facet is used to change the shape, shade of a tooth or mask an unsightly dentition.
    The facet is not suitable for all teething, consult us for a quote.


  • What is tooth whitening?

  • What is an orthograde apical resection?

  • What is an orthograde apical resection (from the root apex)?

  • What is periodontitis treatment?

  • What is endodontic treatment?

  • The consequences of losing posterior teeth?

  • What is an inlay?

  • What is an orlay?

  • What is the difference between emax, porcelain and zirconia?

    These are materials used to make your prostheses. A porcelain prosthesis is much more expensive to make than an emax or zirconia prosthesis. Similarly, zirconia is a stronger material than emax and keeps better over time. It all depends on the needs of patients and their budget.

  • Is care guaranteed?

    Dentures are guaranteed for 5 years. Hair implants are for life.
    However, the sustainability of care depends on your lifestyle. If you brush your teeth regularly and use an oral irrigator in addition to the toothbrush, you will keep a nice teething for life. Similarly for hair implants, if you do not apply heavy treatments to your hair (dyes / dyes, excessive wax and straightening plates), you will keep your grafts for life.

  • Hair Implants: what is DHI?

    The DHI method (for Direct Hair Implantation) is the most recent hair transplant procedure on the market. This method gives a more natural and successful result, as it provides a very high hair density in addition to giving the opportunity to control the direction of hair growth. Indeed, the scalp treated with IHD heals quickly while offering a result closer to the natural hair. The DHI method requires expertise especially in terms of accuracy, so it requires a highly qualified and efficient team.

  • Hair Implants: what is FUE?

    Follicular Unit Extraction (fue) is a method of hair transplantation that involves taking a graft from a donor area to implant it in a permanent area whose bald part is called the recipient area. This method is also valid for eyelashes, eyebrows and beard hair. A FUE hair transplant is also possible on scars caused by accidents or surgeries.
    The extraction of the Follicular Unit or FUE consists in removing follicular groups of 1 to 4 hair with the help of small sanding bands, the diameter of which varies from 0.6 to 1.25 mm. the patient should be under local anesthesia to reduce or even completely eliminate pain sensations during the procedure. The removed grafts are then introduced into the scalp using a needle or micro-blade.

  • What is the difference between DHI and FUE?

    Depending on the choice of hair transplant technique, healing, regrowth and discomfort times vary. Indeed, using the DHI technique, we will shave only part of the scalp, and the healing will be faster than with the FUE technique. But for an important area to be treated, we recommend the FUE technique for a better result.

  • What is Dermojet?

    Dermojet is a needle-free subcutaneous injection device. This gun allows you to inject the anesthetic liquid without resorting to a traditional puncture, you will not feel any pain during your hair transplant by resorting to this anesthesia technique.

  • Do you offer Dermojet in your clinic?

    The Dermojet is included in the care during a hair transplant and at no extra cost.
    At EstheticHairSmile, we advocate the patient’s love and well-being. Because you make our reputation, it is normal to bring you care and service of a quality never equaled.

  • Why should I choose your clinic?

    Reliability, responsiveness, availability, know-how, duty of advice: these values are ours. EstheticHairSmile, whose reputation is no longer to be made, remains the leader in dental implants and hair transplantation on Istanbul. You will live a medical stay in accordance with European standards, both in terms of care and service.
    No need for long speeches, take a look at the testimonies of our patients because their satisfaction is paramount and speaks for us:
    They are our best ambassadors.