What is PRP?

PRP (for Platelet Rich Plasma) is blood plasma enriched in platelets by centrifugation.

PRP is obtained from your own blood and contains different growth factors that can stimulate the regeneration of certain tissues.

Once the blood test has been taken, we pass the sample through a centrifuge which will separate the different blood components (red blood cells) to keep only the plasma and platelets, also called “platelet concentrate”.

Platelets contain different proteins or growth factors that promote hair regrowth.

What are the advantages?

  • The use of PRP appeared in the early 2000s and its usefulness has been scientifically proven in tissue repair. It is not trivial that many athletes use this method to recover faster from injuries.
  • For the patient, PRP requires only a small amount of blood (only 10 to 20 cc are sterile drawn), there is no impact on the physiology of the body.
  • This technique is completely natural because it is your own blood: the growth factors are released in high concentration in the injected area (your scalp).
  • For a better result, Esthetic Hair Smile add to your own PRP biotin, a vitamin known to promote the regrowth of nails and hair, this is what we call PRP +

When you perform a hair transplant at Esthetic Hair Smile, we offer you the injection of PRP +, consult us for a quote.