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Specialist in hair transplants and dental implants in Turkey

Only 3 hours flight from Paris, Esthetic Hair Smileis The clinic to correct your dental problems and eradicate your baldness.

Put an end to your physical worries, no longer be ashamed to smile , assert yourself by making a fresh start .

Start a new life now , take control of your future, gain self-confidence, gain confidence professionally and become attractive in 7 days!

  • Clinic with European hygiene standards and equipped with the latest technologies.
  • Very competitive prices, high quality care.
  • We support you in your Aesthetic project
  • Perfectly bilingual medical coordinator
  • 100% of our patients satisfied

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Fees that do not fit into your budget in France? And yet you need of this care? We have understood this issue and offer you high quality and finally accessible care. Baldness returns the image of a person older than you really are? Are you developing complexes , encountering difficulties in attracting ?

Professionally, it is known that a bright smile inspires more confidence than dentition in poor condition. Gaining new customers and having a successful business, for example, goes through this awareness: The appearance is the first impression that you make when you introduce yourself.

Do not neglect this appearance anymore , send back the image of a neat person , opt for a hair transplant or dental implants and sweep all a priori about you with a simple decision: change !

We are committed to giving you the smile you deserve, take contact with our medical secretary and tell us about your project.

Esthetic Hair Smile, centre de soins esthétique à Istanbul en Turquie

How to choose your clinic?

Don't throw yourself on the first clinic

Surgery, whether restorative or cosmetic, remains an intervention not to be taken lightly. In the area of ​​health, it is vital to know to whom to entrust this responsibility.

Here are the basic elements before making your choice:

  • Check the location of the clinic (big city preferably)
  • Check his reputation
  • Consult patient reviews
  • Control hygiene and compliance with sanitary standards
  • Beware of overly attractive prices
  • Be attentive to the reactivity of the clinic during your requests
  • Are the personnel qualified and competent?
  • What technologies are used?
  • Watch the Before / After interventions
  • Request a proper quote
  • Make sure your language is spoken correctly
  • Websites filled with spelling errors are synonymous with amateurism, this gives an indication of the professionalism and quality of care …

Our patients, our best ambassadors ...